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Name: René O’Donnell-Gibson
Instagram: @_____paradise________________
Occupation: Tattoo Artist


Someone Mistook Paris Jackson for a Homeless Person

Paris Jackson is quickly becoming a fashion it-girl, which makes it all the more hilarious that she was recently mistaken for a homeless person. She ...


Balenciaga’s Latest Campaign Makes the ‘School Picture Day’ Aesthetic Chic

If Balenciaga’s AW 2017 campaign is any indication, normcore is far from over. The ads, shot by Johnny Dufort, have a school picture day sensibility, except instead ...


Kate Moss Got Into a Fight at Cannes But Mary J. Blige Was There to Break it Up

Here’s the best anecdote you’ll hear all week. So Kate Moss and Mary J. Blige are both living it up in Cannes (along with every ...


Tracey Emin Designed the New Logos For London Fashion Week: Men’s

When you think about British artist and provocateur Tracey Emin, men’s fashion probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind. And yet, Emin was ...


Guys, These Vetements T-Shirts Are ‘Only’ $175!

Everyone from fashion editors to 15-year-old Instagram influencers to that fuccboi in your Intro to Philosophy class seems to have jumped on the Vetements bandwagon, happily ...

Art & Design

Artist Anthony James Uses Meditation to Make Sculptures That Are Out of This World

Photography: Courtesy Fort Gansevoort
Anthony James knows how to communicate with other worlds. If not literally, then at least figuratively. The British-born, Los Angeles-based, Central Saint ...

NYC Graffiti Duo, Mint&Serf, Take on the Art World with ‘Warranted Non-Compliance’

After years of terrorizing the art scene as subversive graffiti duo, Mint&Serf, Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall have teamed up with friend and fellow ...


Get in Line Now, Because the Supreme x Michael Jackson Collab Drops Tomorrow

Appearing on a Supreme t-shirt is a right of passage for any icon, just ask Kate Moss or Morrissey, so it was only a matter ...


Meet Alanna Pearl, Fashion’s Hidden Gem

Photography: Gina Canavan
Styling: Yasmin Bergmann & Alanna Pearl

Alanna Pearl is not exactly unknown—but she’s not famous either. Still, you’ve probably seen her ...